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Badass Confidence Coach

Jan 31, 2023

This weeks conversation is with fomer professional triathlete and current professional obstacle course racer, Heather Gollnick.

Heather is one tough cookie. 

I have followed Heather's athletic journey for years and find her to be such an inspiration for all. 

She is a competitive and competent racer who manages a career...

Jan 24, 2023

Tim and I are talking about the ever-important role of shadow work.

Shadow work comes from the reknown psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. 

Dr. Jung taught that, in order to evolve and grown deeper in our knowledg and love of our selves, then we must go inside and look at the parts of us we try to keep hidden....

Jan 17, 2023

This week Tim and I are talking about your big reset for 2023. 

New Year's resolutions don't work. We know that. 

In this episode I am encouraging you to go over different key life points and how you can begin self-coaching; how to begin doing you own life audit as well as how to start making changes. 

Please don't...

Jan 11, 2023

Our country has been enveloped by the horrible tragedy and murder of 4 college students in Idaho, Moscow.

While loosely following the case in November and then paying more attention in December, when the murderer had not been found, my mind kept going to the trauma and grief of the family members, friends, school peers,...

Jan 3, 2023

My guest today is Matthias J Barker. I first discovered Matthias on TikTok and was impressed by his compassion, clinical knowledge and insights. 

This episode is in response to a listener's request to please address the issue of "when you are the one who has been extremely limited and/or cut out of a loved one's...