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Badass Confidence Coach

Apr 26, 2022

In this solo, mini episode Anna is talking about how social media can exacerbate our feelings of anxiety. 

Many of us go to social media to look for tips and clues as how to help ourselves when we are feeling out of sorts. 

Anna talks about clinical anxiety as well as the more "popular" run-of-the-mill anxiety that so...

Apr 19, 2022

My guest today is Wendy Behary.

Wendy is an expert in the understanding of narcissism. 

With 25+ years of professional experience and advanced level certifications, Wendy Behary is the founder and director of The Cognitive Therapy Center of New Jersey and The Schema Therapy Institutes of NJ-NYC-DC.

She has been treating...

Apr 12, 2022

Tim and Anna are back talking about Psychological Blindspots.....again!

(Check out episode #43 for their first conversation about Blindspots).

This time Anna shares a recent conversation with her daughter where she ate a humble sandwich as she learned some things about her personality that was, to say the least,...

Apr 8, 2022

This week I am talking with my good friend about her family's crisis when a major psychiatric illness hit her family. 

It came out of the blue. 

This is one mother's story about how she fought for her daughter's life. 

This is one story you don't want to miss. 

We are continuing to keep the discussion about mental...