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Badass Confidence Coach

Mar 24, 2020

10 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Coronavirus Shelter-In-Place 

We spoke about Laurie Santos' course taught at Yale called The Science of Well-Being

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Mar 19, 2020

Anna and Tim continue their discussion of Coronavirus. 

Listen as Anna's continues her thoughts about how to take care of and manage your stress and anxiety during this time.

As well Anna and Tim talk about how to talk with your kids about this pandemic. 

Tough times for all of us. You are not alone!

Mar 18, 2020

Anna and Tim get real with COVID - 19. How are they coping? What has changed with their daily routine?  How are they handling the stress? What have they done to fill in the unexpected time gaps?

Listen up and take some notes. Anna shares her creative ideas on how to stay social during this challenging time.  She...

Mar 10, 2020

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