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Badass Confidence Coach

Mar 28, 2023

My guest this week is Suzanne Culberg. 

Suzanne is an international mindset coach, speaker and author, who helps over-givers and people pleasers learn to say ‘No’ to others in a way that feels good, so that they can say ‘Yes’ to themselves. Through her signature online program Why W8? Suzanne has helped hundreds of women break the cycle of putting themselves last and instead build the confidence to set boundaries.

She is the author of the book The Beginning is Sh*t: An Unapologetic Weight Loss Memoir. 

She is also the host of the podcast, Over It. 

This week's conversation revolved around why so many of us stay stuck in people pleasing and how we can move into a healthier head-space and take action to improve our lives. 

Suzanne is a warm, real and relatable person. This was an easy conversation and one where time just flew by. 

You can find Suzanne at

She is on Instagram @suzanne_culberg and on YouTube!

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