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Badass Confidence Coach

Jan 24, 2023

Tim and I are talking about the ever-important role of shadow work.

Shadow work comes from the reknown psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. 

Dr. Jung taught that, in order to evolve and grown deeper in our knowledg and love of our selves, then we must go inside and look at the parts of us we try to keep hidden. This is the Shadow.

The shadow is the unconscious aspects of ourselves, including our repressed emotions, our negative personality traits, and past traumas which can and do effect our everyday, present lives. 

As a clinician,  I employ shadow work with my clients as I know how beneficial and essential this work is...of moving us into a place of deeper sense of peace and contentment with ourselves. 

Listen as Tim and I talk about our own shadows and the work we have done to accept them and incorporate them into our lives. 

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