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Badass Confidence Coach

Jan 11, 2023

Our country has been enveloped by the horrible tragedy and murder of 4 college students in Idaho, Moscow.

While loosely following the case in November and then paying more attention in December, when the murderer had not been found, my mind kept going to the trauma and grief of the family members, friends, school peers, the first responders and the people of Moscow, Idaho.

I could not stop thinking about, praying for, and hoping they are all receiving trauma care. 

Enter today's guest: Clinical Forensic Therapist, Cathy Cassidy. 

Together we talk about Primary and Secondary Trauma, Intuition, Resilience and Self Care. 

I first discovered Cathy on Tiktok, where she has been posting quite a bit of helpful information on the Idaho case, the investigation, and trauma. 

Cathy specializes in sex crimes and mood disorders. 

Cathy has two master's degrees, one in Counseling Psychology and another in Forensic Psychology. She has a long work history of working in psychiatry as well in the Department of Corrections. Presently Cathy maintains a private practice. 

Cathy has a podcast on Spotify and Apple called: True Crime: Predators and have a YouTube channel called: Sexual Abuse Topics with Cathy Cassidy, Clinical/Forensic Therapist  where she attempts to educate the public on signs and symptoms of sexual abuse and how to handle it as a care giver.
Most recently, Cathy started a Tikcok account discussing true crime from Clinical/Forensic standpoint- @cc.clinical.forensic.therapist
Remember to drink your green juice!
Mad love!