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Badass Confidence Coach

Dec 26, 2022

This week Tim and I are joined by 4 out of 5 of our kids.

We've been talking about doing a show around our experience with raising step-kids. Together we have 5.

And this year we have 4 of them home for the holidays and we thought what better than to have our own kids come on the podcast and talk about what it has been like from their perspective.

I was pleasantly surprised at how everyone said "sure, I'll come on the podcast and talk about my experience...." 

But then I became a little nervous, too!

This was an honest, vulnerable, and at times, emotional, family conversation about what it has been like for all of us. 

If you want to learn about how to parent better, whether divorced, married, or a single parent.....employ the 80/20 rule: listen 80% of the time and talk 20%. 

Enjoy this one! It was fun!

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Mad love!