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Badass Confidence Coach

Mar 22, 2022

My podcast guest is Dr. Sara Safari. 

This is one formidable human.

Dr. Sara Safari is an author, speaker, mountain climber, college professor, Electrical Engineer and advocate for women empowerment. She is the founder and president of a nonprofit called Climb Your Everest that focuses on empowering marginalized Young women through educational programs. 

She has received the award for The Global Citizen from United Nations Association in 2015. She is a board member and director of development in Empower Nepali Girls foundation. She also has received the award for Outstanding Practice with Broad Impact in the area of women and leadership from International Leadership Association in 2017.


Sara will be the first Iranian in history to climb the Seven Summits, the seven highest peaks in each continent.

Follow Sara on Instagram @sara.safari.everest.