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Badass Confidence Coach

Mar 15, 2022

Have you ever felt burned out in life?  Have you ever wondered if boundaries, or a lack thereof, is something you struggle with? 

Enter Jennifer Bassman. 

 Jennifer Bassman is a burnout and boundary strategist that helps others find their zone of genius so they can focus their time and energy successfully. She is a certified CliftonStrengths coach that believes when you know your strengths, what you do best, your path to happiness and success becomes a lot clearer.

After working her way through recovering from burnout for nearly three years, Jennifer developed a more effective and efficient a burnout recovery method. Work burnout requires multiple solutions that address the root cause, as well as, your own limiting beliefs and negative mindset.

Jennifer’s book, Stop Being A Doormat, gives readers an easy method for creating boundaries – without feeling guilty. When you have boundaries, you protect your time and energy so it is available to the people and work most important to us.

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