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Badass Confidence Coach

Nov 23, 2021

My guest is one badass! 

Colette Beyer is the founder and chief evangelist of X2, a  human potential accelerator empowering female athletes and  veterans to channel their innate drive to become winning  entrepreneurs.  

Colette is a lifelong combat sports practitioner and endurance  athlete who pedaled 3,900 miles across the United States on  a bicycle without training (which she highly does NOT  recommended).  

After the age of 30, she traded her lucrative career in  political communications to serve in law enforcement. While  serving, she became obsessed with studying high performance lifestyles and reverse engineering the success  mindset, habits and routines of the world’s top 2% of women  in business and sport.  

X2 was born out of Colette’s personal desire to find a new  mission and purpose after leaving law enforcement. She  quickly identified that female veterans and athletes also  struggled to find their way after retiring from service and  competition, respectively, often turning to drugs and alcohol  as a result.  

Colette believes that female athletes and veterans possess  special qualities that set them ahead of other entrepreneurs,  including an innate drive to win, strong work ethic and a  can’t quit, won’t quit attitude. After seven years and

thousands of hours of research, she arrived at a simple, yet 

transformative framework designed to create clarity for  female athletes and veterans seeking to leave a legacy as  entrepreneurs. 

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Mad love!