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Badass Confidence Coach

Nov 2, 2021

Let me introduce you to my friend and colleague, Jen Rose.

Jen is a Mindset Wellness Coach who is dedicated to helping people rock their healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled lives.

She works with people to discover their purpose, remove the blocks that are keeping them stuck, and helps them to become more confident and more unapologetically themselves. She works with people to build a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable by encouraging dedicated time to movement, making small nutritional changes, and shifting thoughts to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

Jen started her career as a Clinical Social Worker and then transitioned into the wellness space after she went through her own transformation. She learned that prioritizing herself, building self-trust, and flexing the muscle that matters most, the mind, were essential to living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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You can also find Jen at her website

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