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Badass Confidence Coach

Oct 5, 2021


My guest today is Tanya Lou Armstrong. 

Tanya is an accomplished entrepreneur (see below) in her own right. 

However, I wanted to talk with Tanya about a very special gift she gave to another human being. 

Really, it is the gift of life. 

In this day of combative arguing around who's right and who's wrong; in this sometimes overwhelming atmosphere of vitriol comes a story of humanity and compassion. 

A story of love. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

Mad love!  

Tanya's Badass Bio:

Tanya Lou Armstrong has over 25 years making positive change in the music, sports, film, lifestyle, entertainment and tech industries. She is a highly creative entrepreneur who has had great success in creating, developing and activating campaigns and programs for A-list notable clients and brands in many regards; from talent and brand acquisition and development, to packaging of brands and entertainment tech, with internal infrastructure, systematic and streamlined mass marketing and social media plans for both companies and talent acquired.


Tanya has secured partnerships for projects upwards of 1 million and has helped grow startup companies to multi-million dollar thriving organizations. She is tactful, articulate and successful in understanding business structure and development. She was awarded the top salesperson for the Fortune 500 company, BBI. The company founder was featured on a special with Dan Rather special series on America’s Entrepreneurs. 


She secured investors, acquired talent and/or celebrity endorsements and sponsorships for major festival brands, lifestyle influencers, and tech firms. Her vast knowledge and past legal experience also led her to spearhead the processing of contract development and securement for major brands. She has led media and publicity campaigns and press conferences for large scale events, talent and major brands and has orchestrated the coordinating and financial projections for many live events in music, sports, film and lifestyle brands.


Her professionalism, coupled with her creative free spirit has led her to work on projects with clients as Live Nation, The World Series, Coca Cola, Lyft, FanKey, Spotify, International Film Festival, Bottle Rock Napa, International Air Show, U.S. Grand Prix Mazda Raceway Red Bull Challenge, U.S. Grand Prix AMA Nationals, and California Roots, as well as many high-profile NDA celebrity talent, influencers and various UFC and Olympic athletes.


Tanya’s broad industry media connections has brought opportunities to her clients being featured on Billboard, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, MTV, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Sirius XM, NPR, Rolling Stone, The Voice and many more. With passion and dedication, Tanya utilizes her vast business knowledge of business, brand, marketing, publicity, tech, people skills and industry connections to create and secure new opportunities and increase annual revenues for her clients. 


Today, Tanya coaches’ online businesses and their teams on how to build a highly visible and reputable brand. She also has online courses on growth and visibility, as well as mastermind memberships.