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Badass Confidence Coach

Apr 20, 2021

My guest today is Kamilah "LaLah" Williams. I so enjoyed speaking with LaLah. 

This is one badass individual; athlete, coach, mother, teacher, friend. 

She is the Founder and CEO of 3D Athletics, which is an elite athletic performance company based in Florida. 

She is also the chief writer and director for podcast and blog. 

If you are interested in giving to the kids that LaLah works with, you can go to her Cash App $IWroteMyWayOut. 

Right now she is focusing on funding her students and their snack pantry as well as providing the with an outdoor senior activity due to Covid. This way the kids will at least get to enjoy at least one senior activity this year. 

She is also working on a retreat-style day for her students; something for them to enjoy while also working on self-advocacy and learning financial literacy. 

You can find Kamilah on Instagram @3dathleticsco or @coach_lah. 

Clubhouse handle is @LaLahMyFlyy

Mad love!