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Badass Confidence Coach

Jun 30, 2020

My guest today is Jennifer Welbel, MA, LCPC.

Jennifer Welbel is a psychotherapist and founder of the North Suburban Center for Anxiety, a private practice that specializes in treating anxiety, OCD, and related disorders. Jennifer received her BA in psychology from the University of Michigan and her MA in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. She has extensive training and clinical experience in using cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapies to treat individuals with a range of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. Prior to starting the North Suburban Center for Anxiety, Jennifer created and supervised the OCD and Complex Anxiety Disorders treatment track at Compass Health Center. In addition to her clinical work, she's also a frequent presenter on anxiety treatment at leading educational institutions, has been featured as an OCD expert on public radio, and contributes to various publications.